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Success Stories
  • A county-owned nursing facility needed to improve their patient care and therapy services, the quality of their staff, and the impact of their operations. More»

  • A non-profit facility was in need of containing excess therapy charges being billed by an outside therapy provider. More»

  • A recent change in therapy providers to a national therapy company resulted in drop in CMI and Part B. Further, they experienced an increase in no pay claims due to poor billing and documentation. More»

  • A privately-owned entity needed to maximize their average daily Medicare rate and CMI enhancement. More»

  • Betty was suffering severe pain in her lower extremities which minimized movement and required lift for all transfers, and was only capable of stan ding for 20 seconds with the use of parallel bars and the assistance of two therapists. After three weeks with the Moveo™ solution she was much improved. More»

  • Don was unable to bear weight on his lower right extremity due to sever pain caused by gout, and wasn't responding to the parallel bars. After four weeks with the Moveo™ he was much improved. More»

  • The Apex Orthopedic Solution provided Brian a focused environment where he could successfuly recover from his hip replacement surgery. Our staff provided him with the latest treatments and allowed him to progress quickly and return home safely. More»

  • Incorporation of The Freedom of Movement Solution and The Apex Orthopedic Solution provided Frank with the ability to regain the mobility in his shoulder. More»

  • I joined the Apex team because of the organization's commitment to quality patient care. That commitment also shows in how they treat the staff. More»

  • Joining the Apex team has allowed me to expand my leadership skills. I was most impressed by the fact that the corporate management team really listens to their staff, supports new ideas and encourages employees to attend continuing education and advanced degrees. More»

  • Starting out as a staff OT and now quickly moving to a staff program manager, Apex has allowed me to develop professionally. The family oriented culture makes my job easier. The management team is always accessible, friendly and supportive. More»

  • As a recent graduate coming out of another facility, I was excited to have the opportunity to work with an organization of highly trained professionals. Apex has allowed me to grow through opening doors that previously were not available. More»

  • After having an opportunity to know and speak with some of the current Apex team members, joining Apex was an easy decision for me to make. All of the team members carry a diverse set of skills and knowledge that assist me in furthering my career. More»

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